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Transfer Platform Transfer Platform side
Transfer Platform attached to the Aquatrek step System. ** The transfer platform below is an earlier model. The new version is pictured to the left. **

Transfer platform attached

                    • Attachable to all of our Pool Access Products
                    • Top rail is switchable for left or right access
                    • Portable
                    • Non-Skid Surface
                    • Stainless Steel Fasteners
                    • Lightweight and Durable

The AquaTrek2 Transfer Platform was designed to better accommodate the wheelchair users who desire to use your pool but don’t want to use a lift. The AquaTrek2 TP-1000 provides an easy, convenient, and comfortable way for wheelchair users to move themselves from their chair to the platform and down into the water. The AquaTrek TP-1000 is designed to be used with any of our access products and is lightweight and completely portable.


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All fasteners are made of the finest stainless steel.