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Wading Pool Ramp side Wading Pool Ramp

Deck mount

The same quality Ramp as our standard Aquatrek2 products, specifically modified to meet the ADA standard for Wading Pool Access.

The AquaTrek WP-1500 wading pool ramp can help solve the sloped access ADA requirement for wading pools with either a flat bottom

or linear slope. With handrails 30” apart at two separate heights, one for adults and one for children,

a non-slip surface and one “Tip-away” side skirt for safety.

The wading pool ramp will have a slope ratio that is technically feasible, readily achievable and is based on the ADA maximum extent feasibility

requirement for your wading pool. 

All of our ADA units provide a unique 24 inch wide handrail offering unlimited hand positions and provides maximum stability to the user.

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Designed as a practical solution for aquatic access, the AquaTrek2 Wading Pool Ramp lets people of all ages and abilities enter and exit the swimming pool with ease.

All fasteners are made of the finest stainless steel including deck anchors.

Treads are 30-inches wide and the virgin Aluminum reinforced skeleton gives the unit the needed strength and stability for use in a commercial pool environment.