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Here are some comments and reviews

from both Residential and Commercial Aquatrek2 owners.

AQ LadderHello, Pool access ladder installed and well received.  Probably should have done this a lot sooner given that this complexhas been around for 43 years.   Great product.  I’ll certainly recommend it to others that may inquire. Best regards,- Cove Condominium - 2015



Pool WheelchairMy facility purchased the Aquatrek2 AQ-250-WC a couple of years ago and have been very pleased with it. 

-- Lower Merion High School - 2014



Pool StepsHi-Yep, system installed, no problem. Assembly was no problem, instructions were pretty clear. Hardest thing was drilling through my deck with a hammer drill! Once that was done, very easy to attach system to bolted down platform end. Pretty easy to get in and out of the pool, once you get used to it. very pleased!

Thanks! Warm regards, -AQ-7000-step - 6/2016- Residential

ADA pool steps

Step system has worked perfectly...our senior swimmers really appreciate the new steps!  I have attached a couple pics.-

From Wayne state college -- 2017



Pool Steps

The steps are working great. Thanks for checking up on things

Mike -- Central Greene School District-AQ-6000 -2016


ADA Steps

Everything seems to be fine, the side skirt worked out well, the stairs are installed and functioning fine, they are a far cry from the semi-permanent fiberglass ones we used to have that were getting ruined by taking them in and out,,,,, Thanks again for all your help

Mount Wachusett Community College - SADA 8-Aug 2017


ADA Steps

Hello, We got the stairs installed a couple of weeks ago. The install went great;
The stairs are a bit longer than the old set, but due to the shorter steps they are much easier for our members to use. Thanks again,
- Capital District YMCA-Glenville Branch- SADA 7 – 8/2017


Pool Wheelchair

Hi, the chair came today, its awesome thanks!!   Thanks, you have been awesome to work with!!
- AQ-WC – 1/26/18



ADA Steps

The steps are doing awesome---all my swimmers really are enjoying the steps as it is easier to get in and out. 

Thank you so much. – Florida Keys Community College- AQ-7000- 2/22/18


Pool Ramp

Our ramp is all set up! Feedback from the guard staff and members has been great. We had an in-service last night to review cleaning and removing. What an easy process!! 

Jennifer Pageot-University of Maine-Farmington-AQ-9000L w/side-skirt- 10/15/18


ADA Pool Steps

Hello-We got the stairs all put together and is in the pool our members love it!!!
Thanks for your help. New Canaan YMCA- SADA 12 -- 2019



ADA Pool Steps

The stairs are a bit longer than the old set, but due to the shorter steps they are much easier for our members to use. Thanks again,
-Capital District YMCA-Glenville Branch-SADA 7 – 8/2017



Pool Wheelchair

Hi, I wanted to share this with you folks…..
“We had a blast. I was able to do things I have never been able to since my spinal injury. I can not put into words how appreciative we are for this opportunity. We will definitely be going more frequently now. I have also reached out to other wheelchair users and they are excited to test them out.”  Kristin
This is an email I sent to the community…Hi all,
This is another reason I chose to go into the parks and recreation field. Today we launched our new aqua-mobile fleet...for the first time, Kristin was able to play in the pool under her own power with her daughter, husband and friends. It was finally her turn to just be another person in the aquatics center pool and have fun with abandon!!!! Sooooo much fun today.
Thanks Bill Lambert, Kellisa Kulm and the rest of the staff that helped put this all together. And I also want to thank Stepping Stones, Inc. and Gritman Medical Center for their donations toward this project. We Purchased 3 Wheelchairs w/ Shoulder harness and anti-tips of each size - 1ea-250-350-450-WC – City of Moscow- 7/31/19

Pool Ladder

Everything went well.  It was installed immediately and the members really like it. 

Thanks for your help. - YMCA Pittsburg Ks




              We love to hear from our customers and get photos to share on our websit. Many of the photos we use are from our customers.

              We hear many great comments from customers 20 years ago to a few years ago and just looking for some of that black and yellow tape. Some of our customers have upgraded from the tape to our non-skid plate for a permanent replacement.

              The average lifespan of anything we make is 5 years before anything has an issue. After 5 or 10 years, the repairs are inexpensive and most people can do it.