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AQUATREK2 AQ-150HR "High Rise" Child Seat Adapter

AQ-1000 Front
High Rise attached to Standard Wheelchair

The Patent Pending AQ-150HR "High Rise" child seat adapter provides users with a modified seat adapter for adult sized wheelchairs capable of accommodating children without sacrificing comfort or safety. The High Rise keeps a childs head above water at the standard pool ramp depth of 36 inches. When attached to standard adult sized wheelchairs, the High rise becomes a child's wheelchair.

** Anti-tips on the wheelchair are required **


The AQ-150HR High Rise includes rotating torso / shoulder supports with a head bumber that can open and close to any position to accommodate children ages 3 to 10 years of age, depending on size and height. Torso belt and a removable slip strap are also included to provide an easy transition.

AQ-1000 brakes down
AQ-1000 brakes up
Rotating torso / shoulder supports allow different sizes of children to fit comfortably

AQ-1000 anchor break

High Rise child seat High Rise child seatHigh Rise with adult

Standard and aquatic wheelchairs may be unable to properly accommodate a child using an adult sized wheelchair. When being used in the pool, the childs head would be under water at the standard pool ramp depth of 36 inches. The Patent Pending High Rise is an improved seat adapter attachment for an adult sized wheelchair that instanlty becomes a child's wheelchair for children. The Collapsable frame is secured overtop the existing wheelchair via straps and other fasteners and also folds flat when not being used to hang or lean on the wall to save space.

Click the photo below for a 30 second video demonstrating the abilities

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                    • Durable and lightweight
                    • for children ages 3 to 10 depending on size and hieght
                    • Furniture grade UV rated PVC
                    • Can be used on virtually any chair it can be properly secured to.
                    • Safe and comfortable
                    • Ships fully assembled
                    • Comes fully functional as shown in photos, no additional options required.
                    • Wheelchairs need to be equipped with anti- tips

Uniquely designed to accommodate adult sized wheelchairs to provide a comfortable, safe and secure seat for children.


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AQ-150HR High Rise Spec Sheet

Constructed of furniture grade PVC and the finest stainless steel fasteners, theAQ-150HR High Rise child seat adapter is both durable and noncorrosive. Specifically manufactured to meet the demanding needs of the aquatic environment. The AquaTrek2 AQ-150HR High Rise may be used at the beaches, your favolrite park, vacation resorts and many other possibilities that the High Rise can be attached to.